perjantai 15. toukokuuta 2009


we took a flight to jamaica.
drinking dragon stout beer & planning the demo,
CIO will join us soon and some business executives from local companies are here for sponsorship negotiations.

its now set that tomorrow we will make the initial demo work tomorrow.

travelplans for outline are working quite well, it is for sure that we will get there.

break here. pommak speaking. for now.
second day. things going past. rommicola in front of my nose, my mouth, my body. i will consume it, or it will consume me. i do not know for sure. something will happen, but happenings are unknown. mysteries lie ahead, and there i will find myself later. questions answered, and answers questioned. kehis will be naked in lapland. mosquitos will eat him alive, which has been his ultimate plan for a very long time.
time is past. it won't come back. and still it will be next to us, above and beyond, therefore and forever. the only thing that is impossible to escape. would someone want that? or no one? why? and where? where can you escape time? time exists only in one place. the same place where everyone else is. the place is universe. universe is you. YOU.

One dome, one universe, two lives. This and that, the one you love, the one you disagree and the third.

Think you live, think twice. It's a lie. Like the bottom of the bottle you'll be the end.

pommak again. that was kehis. but my words are few. no more. not much. things will end. in the end, there won't be nothing but emptyness. according to current theories, the universe will expand forever all the way to the vast nothingess. imagine, all the stars, all the galaxies; they are invisible because of distance. distance of today is nothing compared to that.
i think that most humans are completely unaware of imagining all the molecules, atoms, quarks and whatever lies beyond there. and then you have the other end. the end that will end not with a bang, but with nothingness. there won't be light. there won't be life. only pure perfectness and the universe itself.
end and out.

back again.
a word.
no meaning.
only a definition.
agreed by the rules.
rules made by humans.
for humans.
the rules.
and they think it's the ultimate rule. because for some reason, humans believe that they are the supreme being in the universe as they are the only living form that has developed self-consciousness. and they think that only because they haven't seen any other lifeform which has been able to build buildings.
human nature.
i have to confess, that i'm ashamed to belong in human race. common people are so stupid, that there are no words in any language to describe it.
still, i'm having fun.
and i've been given a gift, to think these thoughts.
i wonder.
what for?
the ultimate question.
which for some reason isn't the ultimate goal for science.
for me it feels that science tries to answer small questions all the time.
but we're missing the ultimate goal for science.
that goal should be: why?
why the universe exists.
everything else is irrelevant.
what is your destiny?
what is you?
why is you?
you are?

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