tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2009

seriously. wtf

maanantai 25. toukokuuta 2009

Whoa, whoa. What a party it was. Wait? Where am I? Fuck.

sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2009

party over. now tired. photos & links to prods to be added later.

in the name of naibmys, what went wrong?
ok so continuing the blog nowgiving the keys to someone

Chilling out in front of the hall, and i can feel the rain coming... -Topy44

303f stopped. cool gig. nice thing. nice evening. yes yes.

compos start soon. skrebbel will suck our asses. before that. yes yes yes.

dj mini: gaydiscomixetrsex ova da fone getting to memorystick and so ve can maybe haz it for the compos right? the entrertainment is what f\

is all about. yes.

inie minie mo, shakespeare has a hat, kafka wears a cat. pick your pick.

h at the keys here. Gnah. 23:27 saturday evening. It's getting quite boring here. OBVIOUSLY we already won every compo so why
are we waiting for the award ceremonies. And blablabla. Gonna get a bit more drunk and then some sleep. Prolly.

beer.nit is truck. beer. beer in hand makes typing hard. now i stop tayping and drink beer.

Flo blog... Right I am elfan of Starlight and Truckter told me to type some shit... Am am drunk beyond belief and am clapping
to everything presented to me on a big screen. GOT IT!!!???? Look. I am drunk beyond ass and reason and dont know shit. GOT
IT!? Look... PANTS OFF!!!!!!... Already...1

rain drip rain rain drip screen drip drip hp lite machine good keyboard beer rain drip. dog poo?

rain is good. pain is good. beer is better.

so we would like to have some more vodka right nowcanb someone supply us with some?would be nice. really nice.

astu is asleep. astu is the sleeping beast.

hmm I just realized i'm somewhere at the deepest countryside of netherlands. just yesterday i was sleeping at my comfy bed in
helsinki. well, shit happens


do you have any reason to not fuck it up?


oh this is verz weird kezboard so i cannot draw ascii... vittuu@@!!! oioioi

(ok we had some ascii here but this fucker blogspot won't accept those slash fuckers fuck fuck f

so h yes enter

PANTS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\\SUCK MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\KEWL PANTS

uh suck tu pants??? righy.


hjave to shave

yo dawg i heard you like alcohol so we put alcohol in your alcohol so that you can have alcohol while youre having alcohol.

awww rite. i'd be pleased to suck your pants.

lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2009

jooo bissee ja jätskii ja homma rules


iin english danke schön

biere och jättecool icecream

pl!r soi aggro

soon dj mini & gaydisco

astu is broken can someone fix him? can ? can i haz astu fixed?

do we even want to?'so yeah its caturday and we had a fight outside with waterballoons after the
demowas finished its al pretty and nice nowwe love flo

are are flo

some compos are to be soon i guess we should needmore and more vodka & mixers and possible
something to make us nice and even

i got somekind of piece of paper from the organisersdoesnt seem that that lsd is so goodno any
effects yet even though i tried it on my tongue

some finnish march music nowsuomi marsssssiii aamunkoittohon, voittohon

flo marssii

flo is marching

aika vitun vammasta tekstii kyl taas. voi vittu.

vodka loppuun ja mopo e´keuliin

again that icecream car came here to pick me up. those fucking military agents.with our driveby
moped will show them. it's already keuli'ing.

O hallo o/ Ich bin aine

i think that the icecreamtruck is klf on a secret mission

suspectin' funny stuff. lotsa more happening here than you'd first get on a first glance

ice cream guy: AMBACHTELIJK IJS

let's party like it's 1719 again.

i'm partying like it was noon in poland;

tFt here......I dont know what to write...weather has been great...I look likefuckin rudolf...you
know the reindeer who leads santas slade....you know with allthe presents....There is also
SATANCLAUS...I like him the mostest....he bringsme benzodiasepines and hookers....I love
satanclaus...Need more bacardi......DI ER NO ROTTER!!!!! tFt/rNO.tUFS.darklite!!!

¨Ëllo Orbiter here.. Thec is asking if I´m writing crap and, yes I am =Dso we´re sitting here, drinking rum and coke. The weather is awesome and the we gotlive music outside. Dipswitch did a set which rocked and Arcane (and his norweigan frined) was so sweet to offer us some weed to the dub. Now we got TFT talking the usual crap ;)and the booze is really starting to kick in. The Outbreak guys were so nice to make ainvitation for Compusphere that´s released here at Outline. Come to Compusphere motherfucker!Well it´s time to sign off and next is Thec I think. Peace and shit!

thec here. the denmocompo hasn´t started yet so what does ge know how good or bad it is!??lotsa beer and stuff here. I bought 4 of them to give out and it took a good 5 minutes to findsomeone who wanted them, whenever did that happen before!!??holland is fucking awesome. and crappy at the same time, but the party is 110%!

havoc on the keys, just to let you know that Finnish Amiga Group are nice people besides being a bunch of horrible FAGS that
i as a certified atari scener could never approve of


Oooh, a good old chadpad! \o/ Mgh.. Finnish keyset.. Ah well, Arcane here, Ouline rocks! The Netherlands looks like a chessboard, and this is where we play!

o no more gaydisco for a while since 303f plays well we enjoy or not and we drink or not THAT WAS A JOKE CAUSE WE DO DRINK OF

elfan at the keyboard. I've behaved well this time, perhaps to the dismay of some people ;). Met a lot of nice people, had some great beer and watched a lot of great demos - just as it should be :). I even got some coding done and made a compo entry. Awesome party :D.

arcane is dancing. DANSA DANSA DANSA!!!! JA!!!!

bumsem bumsem


my beer died on the way >****((::::**\:*



astu requires chitine

ffffuu. feelin a bit too drunk. BUT LET\S party LIKE IT\s 1719 (1113 in poland)

blah cant think of anything.
its now moirn moiurn mourn morning
and the demo is progressing fine'
video ok & audio speeched'
astu still alive?
and we have cybernetic love

we were informed that the demo needs to be delivered at least 10minutres before the compowe shall prevail''

the world must burn!

party like its 1719

viinamurot toimii

astu fell asleep again
we must punish him
make him weep for more booze

h broke the demo.
again. that motherfucker.

we should give him more aamumuroja i think.

flo breakfast: cerials & vodka

dancing to the beat makes me feel so free

fuck astu. doesn't help making poetry, seems
like he's interested more in lamering than
demo. may the spirit of Jauma punish his soul

things progressing too well, this must be
some kind of a trap

we have few more minutes left rying and trying to get the demo finished
astu still sleeping, that lamer
we will piss on him later, for sure
he is a weak, weak man

or is he a man at all
he might be a lizard
that king of hittites

some texts were added to the demo and they dont look pretty but might just have to do with those

the world must burn

we party like its 1719

ok time is 1709
we party like its 1719

demo entered to the compo
final version
we rule
this will be our finest moment

now, our beer bottles are brokebn
no booze in them no more
this makes us sad
we must get more
more we must get
so, we arrived here at the outline location in a lovely village of eersel.
our Bavarian friends from 1719 helped us to start the day and now we moved forward to Grolsch.
barbeque animals have already been transported here and we're in front of lighting machine waiting for it to be set up.
we were informed by our junior executive programming officer that we need visual c# and a dxsdk. we're now looking for options how to optain those things without internet, as it seems we are now back in time to 1719.
let's party like it's 1865
sex ova da fone.

i camee here, running aöong those. weren't lose enough to carry.
hanngout here plzz'
forwardish the MC and

Okkie here! Outline so far is awesome as fuck! So many cool people showed up and the vibe is THRIVING!
Nosfe just asked me to write some text and I feel like 1996! This party will hopefully own and I now hear
that a chiptune is looping behing me! ATARIIII!!! He he he!

the dearest of our wayness has been otherway without oyr helpfuls beings.
some good 4 kilograms of meaning
is showing the grey cube pf rubik
thank you fu kers
making a song. enjoying a beer.

ok its some day and i guess the pizza arrives soonish or so.
pur årerfect truew notly
not geöinf bad.
e joy*&
theiu xzids itr , vlbvöju,,hg uyvcycmxy yi89
an for the thing of that they sai ,b fpr mp reAON,

came about it
for thee reason of bonbfire

no party outsie an this kezboard is missing some keys. cheers.
the tqling wy witj tjew34xm3mories hqwbv been rsaqijn faöi u.y
the was i was going to say wasnt tjqt harmful

our CIO is failing, somehow broken. and is now in the non-snoring area grinding his teeth.
too little of vodka i guess? i already heard some compliments for his excellent behaviour.
but there is a cure for that! since our norwegian friends brought us some nice siberian vodka.

h is coming tomorrow/today with the base of the demo, some video & sounds have been prepared. maybe enough?

all these wprms are getting here
party alll the 1865's and most of another camps without any losses.
the maestro was so informative we got rid of our nuisances
by guns
for thelove of satan we've got no sdk whatsoever


in the name of our sweet Naibmys, the oldschool music is about to start.
our travel, fiiled with knives, has been immortal.
from a medley of vagvely we hear necrotizing random pulses which seem to fulfill our annoyance.
23 year old code is much better with their harsh shit
ok,so now it's new
2nd entry. response from darklite
yah. nintendo music, ym code and i need
got more beer
boiled head, fck u. boring (still good for a nes music, except it wasnt)
505/ * ^paradox
better one with those acid filters and blag. only thing is missing is the music. and touch/feeling/whatever
anyway, i loved the idea of making in that short.
planet awesome: made by somr purydx or how the hell i coiuld know
yay, kill me please
rotterdamn happy hardcore. as shit as it can, but expressed me in a first placxse.
size of 2.2kb impresses me more than that crap-

#5 the fashion of old clippers
by some guy called like *Gw#Emgfkirfdrjkm / PHF
fucking with oldskool flavour.
cant say neither good nor bad things. from technical perspective it was good.
#6 hsppy dancefloor
now who the hell was inventing name that lame.
by dma-sc
luckily the entry is good
st 3 ym2129, must be genius to create piece like this. by making it too long to be worth of my time.
when i pass out in these too long long minutes, i do do hope that music will play.
snakebite by gasman / ay
nice shit, you be sum arabia oh kool ha?
well done chiptune. is it so am every second more drunken or are entries getting better?
ym feels too much, but now it doesn't sound lame.
despair by 4mat & malo9dicks
some maxYMizer music. now yeah, while they might have some musical skills,
we're doing it with tech.
not bad anyway, i'd play that to a new date at the first date, when i have my axe and dead animals.
just please, stop this now.
(im voting for this)

--streiimit striiming music
1. too long
2. nosfes song which is a message from our master
who the fuck is our master anyway?

there was some vodka and there still might be but our junior executive programming officer is not bringing more so we will be thirsty & suffering.

party like its 1719!

O HAI the competition and what not
crappy bling blong
"rays of light" and something
end of streaming, which iike

to celebrate the birthday of glhltrhltlh we have cakes and kakattaa

kakka maistu.
nerve has b-day.

--- astu not taped to a horse altough he wished he was
h closing. closing. BUT NOT _HERE_ YET THAT BASTARD.

the day of toffee reached out fullfilment withour
yesw, that was "with9ut" for them ill give some reason for delay
my reason for delay is what you've might got but not less than the everything you hadn't seen
with our fruits back then, in Beirut, was it in 64?
loved those artilleries
oh the smell of napalm
euroshopperw napalm we got
lda #55
sta, fucker
ingen hav die
du vill ha en treason

gonna go get h.
h us gbee
h is here

having his first beer
truck brings stick or no

perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2009

Finnish reinforcements leaving to Netherlands, I heard some rumours that the partyplace hasn't been burnt down yet.

torstai 21. toukokuuta 2009

we noticed that the coffee shop closest to the hotel is now closed after being raided. we hope it's not our fault.

we're now drinking beer made by our good friend the Bavarian Illuminati.

there's some progress & new ideas concerning of making the demo.
the tools we got yesterday do not work, but we'll find some other.

keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2009

agents were following us while travelling to outline party.
you've been warned
so, the f-team is now sitting in a bus.
last nite we worked on the demo.

CIO is now reading articles about how to make murders.

tiistai 19. toukokuuta 2009

so, we are now sitting with CIO and an american agent of ISO at a terminal in turku,
we're getting to the boat soon and then traveling towards outline.

we're working really hard or hardly with the demo(s)

perjantai 15. toukokuuta 2009


we took a flight to jamaica.
drinking dragon stout beer & planning the demo,
CIO will join us soon and some business executives from local companies are here for sponsorship negotiations.

its now set that tomorrow we will make the initial demo work tomorrow.

travelplans for outline are working quite well, it is for sure that we will get there.

break here. pommak speaking. for now.
second day. things going past. rommicola in front of my nose, my mouth, my body. i will consume it, or it will consume me. i do not know for sure. something will happen, but happenings are unknown. mysteries lie ahead, and there i will find myself later. questions answered, and answers questioned. kehis will be naked in lapland. mosquitos will eat him alive, which has been his ultimate plan for a very long time.
time is past. it won't come back. and still it will be next to us, above and beyond, therefore and forever. the only thing that is impossible to escape. would someone want that? or no one? why? and where? where can you escape time? time exists only in one place. the same place where everyone else is. the place is universe. universe is you. YOU.

One dome, one universe, two lives. This and that, the one you love, the one you disagree and the third.

Think you live, think twice. It's a lie. Like the bottom of the bottle you'll be the end.

pommak again. that was kehis. but my words are few. no more. not much. things will end. in the end, there won't be nothing but emptyness. according to current theories, the universe will expand forever all the way to the vast nothingess. imagine, all the stars, all the galaxies; they are invisible because of distance. distance of today is nothing compared to that.
i think that most humans are completely unaware of imagining all the molecules, atoms, quarks and whatever lies beyond there. and then you have the other end. the end that will end not with a bang, but with nothingness. there won't be light. there won't be life. only pure perfectness and the universe itself.
end and out.

back again.
a word.
no meaning.
only a definition.
agreed by the rules.
rules made by humans.
for humans.
the rules.
and they think it's the ultimate rule. because for some reason, humans believe that they are the supreme being in the universe as they are the only living form that has developed self-consciousness. and they think that only because they haven't seen any other lifeform which has been able to build buildings.
human nature.
i have to confess, that i'm ashamed to belong in human race. common people are so stupid, that there are no words in any language to describe it.
still, i'm having fun.
and i've been given a gift, to think these thoughts.
i wonder.
what for?
the ultimate question.
which for some reason isn't the ultimate goal for science.
for me it feels that science tries to answer small questions all the time.
but we're missing the ultimate goal for science.
that goal should be: why?
why the universe exists.
everything else is irrelevant.
what is your destiny?
what is you?
why is you?
you are?

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2009

on the train to lemmingcity.
going to meet some high executives.

more information soon.

no song yet.

sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2009

i wear my sunglasses at night.
So we are at some random bar at Kallio, I asked some thoughts of local people, here are the results:

kslifi tukli
dirlyäö klsolli bmr!!!!

Bääää mööö olemme haikki laalaa taateli raukkaus on kaiken kunniioitus olemme kannissa olemme jotain suurempaa kuin tyo sarjassamme olemme juu juu jotain oikeasti miekka jolla saa joatain oikaan jotain suuurempaa taateli jotain oikeaa rakatan kaikkea tuota mita tuo tuo mieleesa jotain kaunista jotain kaunista mita me yritamme mita pois pois voi voi ei ei rakkaus on kaikki on kaikki niin tykkkaan voi voi ei mites se mini kaikki kauneus katoaa mites voisi hoitaa rakas mites se menikaa mites zse oikeasxti menikjaamaailmain rakkaus on se huyoli etei ole huolaa kaikki rakkaus oistaaa itseaan ei voi toivoa ettei olew mintaan rakkaat ihmisec kaikea tanne selittaa rakastan kaikia olemme kaaiki jotain jonkun sorin laa ja hAISTAAN ENEMMAN HOUMENNA SYVEMMALLE ANARKISMII !!!!!!


taqvattiin naa kaverit pranessa ja oli niin siistii, koska me ollaan ite bloggareita ELI WWW.AYABRACE.BLOGSPOT.COM sielt loytyy mun ruma naama, nam m´nam nyt pannaaan

Ja jos haluutte asiallista vittuilua vanhalla kunnon britannian kielellä eli englannilla (ei amerikaksi, niinkun ne USAn skeidaajat luulee) niin tsekkailkaa www.foritisablog.blogspot.com FOR IT is a BLOG!! ja helvetin hyva sellainen! Ja pranessa siis, meininki hyva ja yhden ihmisen, hyvin jurrisen, karaokea! feeling good, feeling fine, feeling fucking awesome. GOOD TIMES! and this guy ROKS eli kivettää!'

AJATUKSENVIRTAA. I HAVE A BIRTHDAYYY!! So its fucking fantastic! Ö§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§1

tultiin "yhille" rakkaan serkkutyton kanssa ja taalla viela... elaman mysteereista on aina mukava keskustella.

Terve, Ville tassa. Prankkarissansuht humalassa. kaveri pyysi kirjoittamaan tanne. tassa ollaaan. mahtava baari. kiva kaveri. olkaa hyvin.

Morjensta, meilla ihana seurue, mukavaa seuraa ja huikeita nauruja! Toivottavasti kaikilla myos mukavaa! t. Tiina

Kaljan juominen käy työstä. Monelle täällä tuntuu olevankin työ. Juomaa vaan tulee, juominen on ainoo homma mitä tekee. Isompi työ olla humalassa ku selvänä. Ai, nyt pitääki antaa sielun ihan vapaasti virraa, ei parane analysoida. Ranskalaisia perunoita tekis mieli ja semmosta. Taiteellinen en oo, enkä keksi. Paitsi performanssitaiteilija. On aika pahasti väärin ymmärretty taiteenmuoto se performanssitaide, varsinkin mun! Äh! Ai, olin performassitaitelija on, ja oon vieläkin.

Performanssitaide on taidetta, ei performanssi. that is it.


Money rules...

lauantai 9. toukokuuta 2009

we had to leave knives & napalm to the door keeper.

no bonfires & blood tonight. :(

too bad.

initial design for demo:
music + some fx

umm, and yes we told a that he will make gfx

CIO is now fetching more refreshments, while we are gathering the big time investments from local bankers.

it seems that the budget of the demo will be around 15ke, a small production but we hope it will get the publicity it deserves. we are aiming to be the rulers of finger print scanning industry soon.
yo dawg i herd you like F so I put some F in your F so you can F while you F
urgent demo-meeting in progress, must go and attend immediately.
it seems that yesterday did not exist.
i am looking for a song.
I'm not sure what I'm up to but I'm sure it will lead us to the greater levels of the Jauma. Innocent minds are the nourishment for people who accept our way. We are not the wicked

i had a discussion with chief information officer
he was somewhere in kallio
we went out and took the ferry from suomenlinna to kalliot
and went first to aleksis k

no astu there
so we went to mambo
now masking plans for the new demo
we will have great hardcore punk musix
and gfx from aropupu
also, our cio astu will make perfect 3d mesh for us

h will now tell us

I'm not very well prepared for the sacred ceremonies but I think I'm mature enough to pass the intial tests. There's some basecode which could work. Not guaranteening but probably. I'll try to make my best to fuck you up.

perjantai 8. toukokuuta 2009

kakka maistuu.