sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2009

ok so continuing the blog nowgiving the keys to someone

Chilling out in front of the hall, and i can feel the rain coming... -Topy44

303f stopped. cool gig. nice thing. nice evening. yes yes.

compos start soon. skrebbel will suck our asses. before that. yes yes yes.

dj mini: gaydiscomixetrsex ova da fone getting to memorystick and so ve can maybe haz it for the compos right? the entrertainment is what f\

is all about. yes.

inie minie mo, shakespeare has a hat, kafka wears a cat. pick your pick.

h at the keys here. Gnah. 23:27 saturday evening. It's getting quite boring here. OBVIOUSLY we already won every compo so why
are we waiting for the award ceremonies. And blablabla. Gonna get a bit more drunk and then some sleep. Prolly.

beer.nit is truck. beer. beer in hand makes typing hard. now i stop tayping and drink beer.

Flo blog... Right I am elfan of Starlight and Truckter told me to type some shit... Am am drunk beyond belief and am clapping
to everything presented to me on a big screen. GOT IT!!!???? Look. I am drunk beyond ass and reason and dont know shit. GOT
IT!? Look... PANTS OFF!!!!!!... Already...1

rain drip rain rain drip screen drip drip hp lite machine good keyboard beer rain drip. dog poo?

rain is good. pain is good. beer is better.

so we would like to have some more vodka right nowcanb someone supply us with some?would be nice. really nice.

astu is asleep. astu is the sleeping beast.

hmm I just realized i'm somewhere at the deepest countryside of netherlands. just yesterday i was sleeping at my comfy bed in
helsinki. well, shit happens


do you have any reason to not fuck it up?


oh this is verz weird kezboard so i cannot draw ascii... vittuu@@!!! oioioi

(ok we had some ascii here but this fucker blogspot won't accept those slash fuckers fuck fuck f

so h yes enter

PANTS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\\SUCK MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\KEWL PANTS

uh suck tu pants??? righy.


hjave to shave

yo dawg i heard you like alcohol so we put alcohol in your alcohol so that you can have alcohol while youre having alcohol.

awww rite. i'd be pleased to suck your pants.

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