maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2014

New diagnosed

Yes hello. Leaving Germany tomorrow - on f16 + f21. That's all.


gonna be traveling under diagnsis f31
Uusi so

Here we are

Partying like it is 1719

There are two people in me
One of them is insane

Finns are teh hardcore :)


sunnuntai 20. huhtikuuta 2014

Toxic trauma. New dr experiences. Maple seeds and a not so severe

Fthe party goes on
We have vodka and wine and vodka and krawall
The music is fixed on the iso prods.yay.
2a department.

Menace of Spaceballs here, giving some love to the F blog. How ya doin', Finland? Hugs and kisses.
Spookysys on the keys, blogging from an ipad like the cool kids these days. Drifters, i trust in you to bring the demoscene into the future of the internet of things and stuff!

I think there's a Deleuzian project of entering and re-entering partial becomings within myself, without myself, so it gets more and more difficult to disringuish between me and not-me. This bottle, this hand, which is and which is nor a part of me? It seems the bottle bends to my will easier, more smoothly, now, than the hand, and the mouth touching the bottle is definitely not mine, even though it resides in what gets determined as my body. Who owns me? Is it Freud, now, or his heirs?

Aaaaargh bläbläbläblä conservative blah

new diagnosis: f06.0, f20 and f24

it is
easter time
once again
so we party to celebrate ester and isthar and that guy who got his balls nailed to a cross

so, just like 1719 again

some new prod coming up, for sure we are going to release something
be it dogs upon lamers
or vomit upon dogs
or just some piss upon your open mouth
do expect us

so far here are only 3 of f
but might have more coming
or not
we do not have all knowledge as we are not omniscient

"how to get help"

these sounds are going to make you feel better

red is burning like the flames of rüdesheim. i want more red with a hint of red.
K for kaliskaya brings life through psychosis if you follow the instructions of E05 and E22.

perjantai 18. huhtikuuta 2014


So it is 17h1nskqjrqtwh qrrh ggfsgjre hfsdjfdyew 9 again; ,