lauantai 18. toukokuuta 2013

voodoo love

when we make love it's voodoo this also in pouet, check here

lauantai 11. toukokuuta 2013

biflotrip: viekää minut pois kalliosta

as usual, no outline without being productive co-operative creation manifested as biflotrip demo is up there on youtubes and down here on pouet
the fried weird things were great. f loves now drink, food salty me thirsty thirstyyyy

3 days of party and it ain't over yet? reignin blood ja sillee.

kansallisssosialistiset bileet tääl kuulemma on venttiseiska kerto dj "i want all graffiti people to die" is playing some trax entry is done and delivered and yet we have even 3 hours to the compo or so must be a record but not a record release demo is on record not in the outside you can sleep with the fishes wet wet wet look out its outlook party time like its 1719 for future we want a database for all drama

keskiviikko 8. toukokuuta 2013


let's party like it is 1719 again