lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2009

so, we arrived here at the outline location in a lovely village of eersel.
our Bavarian friends from 1719 helped us to start the day and now we moved forward to Grolsch.
barbeque animals have already been transported here and we're in front of lighting machine waiting for it to be set up.
we were informed by our junior executive programming officer that we need visual c# and a dxsdk. we're now looking for options how to optain those things without internet, as it seems we are now back in time to 1719.
let's party like it's 1865
sex ova da fone.

i camee here, running aöong those. weren't lose enough to carry.
hanngout here plzz'
forwardish the MC and

Okkie here! Outline so far is awesome as fuck! So many cool people showed up and the vibe is THRIVING!
Nosfe just asked me to write some text and I feel like 1996! This party will hopefully own and I now hear
that a chiptune is looping behing me! ATARIIII!!! He he he!

the dearest of our wayness has been otherway without oyr helpfuls beings.
some good 4 kilograms of meaning
is showing the grey cube pf rubik
thank you fu kers
making a song. enjoying a beer.

ok its some day and i guess the pizza arrives soonish or so.
pur årerfect truew notly
not geöinf bad.
e joy*&
theiu xzids itr , vlbvöju,,hg uyvcycmxy yi89
an for the thing of that they sai ,b fpr mp reAON,

came about it
for thee reason of bonbfire

no party outsie an this kezboard is missing some keys. cheers.
the tqling wy witj tjew34xm3mories hqwbv been rsaqijn faöi u.y
the was i was going to say wasnt tjqt harmful

our CIO is failing, somehow broken. and is now in the non-snoring area grinding his teeth.
too little of vodka i guess? i already heard some compliments for his excellent behaviour.
but there is a cure for that! since our norwegian friends brought us some nice siberian vodka.

h is coming tomorrow/today with the base of the demo, some video & sounds have been prepared. maybe enough?

all these wprms are getting here
party alll the 1865's and most of another camps without any losses.
the maestro was so informative we got rid of our nuisances
by guns
for thelove of satan we've got no sdk whatsoever


in the name of our sweet Naibmys, the oldschool music is about to start.
our travel, fiiled with knives, has been immortal.
from a medley of vagvely we hear necrotizing random pulses which seem to fulfill our annoyance.
23 year old code is much better with their harsh shit
ok,so now it's new
2nd entry. response from darklite
yah. nintendo music, ym code and i need
got more beer
boiled head, fck u. boring (still good for a nes music, except it wasnt)
505/ * ^paradox
better one with those acid filters and blag. only thing is missing is the music. and touch/feeling/whatever
anyway, i loved the idea of making in that short.
planet awesome: made by somr purydx or how the hell i coiuld know
yay, kill me please
rotterdamn happy hardcore. as shit as it can, but expressed me in a first placxse.
size of 2.2kb impresses me more than that crap-

#5 the fashion of old clippers
by some guy called like *Gw#Emgfkirfdrjkm / PHF
fucking with oldskool flavour.
cant say neither good nor bad things. from technical perspective it was good.
#6 hsppy dancefloor
now who the hell was inventing name that lame.
by dma-sc
luckily the entry is good
st 3 ym2129, must be genius to create piece like this. by making it too long to be worth of my time.
when i pass out in these too long long minutes, i do do hope that music will play.
snakebite by gasman / ay
nice shit, you be sum arabia oh kool ha?
well done chiptune. is it so am every second more drunken or are entries getting better?
ym feels too much, but now it doesn't sound lame.
despair by 4mat & malo9dicks
some maxYMizer music. now yeah, while they might have some musical skills,
we're doing it with tech.
not bad anyway, i'd play that to a new date at the first date, when i have my axe and dead animals.
just please, stop this now.
(im voting for this)

--streiimit striiming music
1. too long
2. nosfes song which is a message from our master
who the fuck is our master anyway?

there was some vodka and there still might be but our junior executive programming officer is not bringing more so we will be thirsty & suffering.

party like its 1719!

O HAI the competition and what not
crappy bling blong
"rays of light" and something
end of streaming, which iike

to celebrate the birthday of glhltrhltlh we have cakes and kakattaa

kakka maistu.
nerve has b-day.

--- astu not taped to a horse altough he wished he was
h closing. closing. BUT NOT _HERE_ YET THAT BASTARD.

the day of toffee reached out fullfilment withour
yesw, that was "with9ut" for them ill give some reason for delay
my reason for delay is what you've might got but not less than the everything you hadn't seen
with our fruits back then, in Beirut, was it in 64?
loved those artilleries
oh the smell of napalm
euroshopperw napalm we got
lda #55
sta, fucker
ingen hav die
du vill ha en treason

gonna go get h.
h us gbee
h is here

having his first beer
truck brings stick or no

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