lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2009

jooo bissee ja jätskii ja homma rules


iin english danke schön

biere och jättecool icecream

pl!r soi aggro

soon dj mini & gaydisco

astu is broken can someone fix him? can ? can i haz astu fixed?

do we even want to?'so yeah its caturday and we had a fight outside with waterballoons after the
demowas finished its al pretty and nice nowwe love flo

are are flo

some compos are to be soon i guess we should needmore and more vodka & mixers and possible
something to make us nice and even

i got somekind of piece of paper from the organisersdoesnt seem that that lsd is so goodno any
effects yet even though i tried it on my tongue

some finnish march music nowsuomi marsssssiii aamunkoittohon, voittohon

flo marssii

flo is marching

aika vitun vammasta tekstii kyl taas. voi vittu.

vodka loppuun ja mopo e´keuliin

again that icecream car came here to pick me up. those fucking military agents.with our driveby
moped will show them. it's already keuli'ing.

O hallo o/ Ich bin aine

i think that the icecreamtruck is klf on a secret mission

suspectin' funny stuff. lotsa more happening here than you'd first get on a first glance

ice cream guy: AMBACHTELIJK IJS

let's party like it's 1719 again.

i'm partying like it was noon in poland;

tFt here......I dont know what to has been great...I look likefuckin
know the reindeer who leads santas know with allthe presents....There is also
SATANCLAUS...I like him the mostest....he bringsme benzodiasepines and hookers....I love
satanclaus...Need more bacardi......DI ER NO ROTTER!!!!! tFt/rNO.tUFS.darklite!!!

¨Ëllo Orbiter here.. Thec is asking if I´m writing crap and, yes I am =Dso we´re sitting here, drinking rum and coke. The weather is awesome and the we gotlive music outside. Dipswitch did a set which rocked and Arcane (and his norweigan frined) was so sweet to offer us some weed to the dub. Now we got TFT talking the usual crap ;)and the booze is really starting to kick in. The Outbreak guys were so nice to make ainvitation for Compusphere that´s released here at Outline. Come to Compusphere motherfucker!Well it´s time to sign off and next is Thec I think. Peace and shit!

thec here. the denmocompo hasn´t started yet so what does ge know how good or bad it is!??lotsa beer and stuff here. I bought 4 of them to give out and it took a good 5 minutes to findsomeone who wanted them, whenever did that happen before!!??holland is fucking awesome. and crappy at the same time, but the party is 110%!

havoc on the keys, just to let you know that Finnish Amiga Group are nice people besides being a bunch of horrible FAGS that
i as a certified atari scener could never approve of


Oooh, a good old chadpad! \o/ Mgh.. Finnish keyset.. Ah well, Arcane here, Ouline rocks! The Netherlands looks like a chessboard, and this is where we play!

o no more gaydisco for a while since 303f plays well we enjoy or not and we drink or not THAT WAS A JOKE CAUSE WE DO DRINK OF

elfan at the keyboard. I've behaved well this time, perhaps to the dismay of some people ;). Met a lot of nice people, had some great beer and watched a lot of great demos - just as it should be :). I even got some coding done and made a compo entry. Awesome party :D.

arcane is dancing. DANSA DANSA DANSA!!!! JA!!!!

bumsem bumsem


my beer died on the way >****((::::**\:*



astu requires chitine

ffffuu. feelin a bit too drunk. BUT LET\S party LIKE IT\s 1719 (1113 in poland)

blah cant think of anything.

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