lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2009

its now moirn moiurn mourn morning
and the demo is progressing fine'
video ok & audio speeched'
astu still alive?
and we have cybernetic love

we were informed that the demo needs to be delivered at least 10minutres before the compowe shall prevail''

the world must burn!

party like its 1719

viinamurot toimii

astu fell asleep again
we must punish him
make him weep for more booze

h broke the demo.
again. that motherfucker.

we should give him more aamumuroja i think.

flo breakfast: cerials & vodka

dancing to the beat makes me feel so free

fuck astu. doesn't help making poetry, seems
like he's interested more in lamering than
demo. may the spirit of Jauma punish his soul

things progressing too well, this must be
some kind of a trap

we have few more minutes left rying and trying to get the demo finished
astu still sleeping, that lamer
we will piss on him later, for sure
he is a weak, weak man

or is he a man at all
he might be a lizard
that king of hittites

some texts were added to the demo and they dont look pretty but might just have to do with those

the world must burn

we party like its 1719

ok time is 1709
we party like its 1719

demo entered to the compo
final version
we rule
this will be our finest moment

now, our beer bottles are brokebn
no booze in them no more
this makes us sad
we must get more
more we must get

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